AJAXed WP 3.0 coming soon!

Development on AjAXed WordPress nearly slowed to a halt last year. It wasn’t entirely because I didn’t have enough time to update the plugin but because I didn’t have time to provide the amount of support needed for a plugin this large. This is changing for various reasons, so AJAXed WordPress is coming back!

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AJAXed WP 1.25.2

AJAXed WP has been updated. Included in this update is the new German language translation by Dianoia and a few minor improvements to the AJAX Nav Module.

Registration has been enabled

There have been several requests to allow registration, so it has been enabled for the entire website. Hope this helps.

AJAXed WP 1.25 released.

4 months to the day since the last released, AWP has been released. The AJAXed navigation module has had a full overhaul and a new website has been introduced. For the full changelog: head to the new page.

Happy AJAXing!

New Home!

Ajaxed WordPress has been moved to its own website. This change has been in the works for a long time, and I believe that this will allow the project to continue to grow.

With a dedicated support forum and a far easier to browse website, it should definitely make AWP easier to use for new users.

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