Feature List

What features does AWP have?

  1. Load posts, comments, or a comment form inline.
  2. AJAX Submit comments
  3. Threaded Comments
  4. Highly customizable post excerpts.
  5. Split posts evenly into multiple pages.
  6. Embed inline posts in a post or page.
  7. Live Comment Preview
  8. AJAX full comment preview.
  9. Rich Text Editor for the comment form.
  10. AJAX homepage and single post navigation.
  11. AJAX loading of Pages.
  12. Clickable Quicktags and Smilies.
  13. Options can be customized post-by-post.
  14. Supports TW-Sack, JQuery, Mootools, and Prototype.js.
  15. Includes Lightbox and reCAPTCHA support.
  16. Works with WP AJAX Edit Comments.