What Is Ajaxed WordPress?

AJAXed WordPress (AWP) is a WordPress plugin that adds the power, usability and beauty of AJAX to any blog or WordPress based website. Its features improve the user experience, the administration capabilities and the design potential of any WordPress based blog. It works on all WordPress versions.

AWP has more features than any one website needs. It can display excerpts of posts and then load full posts inline, submit comments without reloading the page, thread comments to make those long discussions easier to read. AWP can even load an entire website without refreshing the page. These are just a few of its features because AWP is endlessly customizable and extensible. Best of all, you are never forced to use features that you don’t want. AWP is easily customized with its intuitive administration panel.

AJAXed WordPress is built by Aaron Harun who can be contacted through his website AaHa Creative.

Why do I need AJAX?

WordPress is a beautiful piece of software but it has its limits. For example, many band websites have music playing in the background. On a normal WordPress blog, a user can’t continue to browse the website while listening to the music. With the AJAX navigation features of AWP, the browser never refreshes the music.

On a more traditional WordPress blog, the website becomes quicker and more responsive when loading the index page and submitting comments.

Why choose Ajaxed WordPress?

Ajaxed WordPress…

…is completely free. Free to use, free to play with, and free support. The continued development of this project is supported by voluntary user donations.

…is easy to use. The basic setup of AWP is very simple to use. However, AWP is advanced enough that over time you find that it is infinitely flexible. AWP can be used without any theme edits or can

…is customizable. It features an advanced module system — based off of WordPress’ own plugin system — that add features and change its behavior, it can even use third-party extensions.

…is compatible. It interacts exceedingly well with most plugins, and it has special features that ensure compatibility with most plugins, and even has support built in for some of the most popular, including Subscribe to Comments and WP Ajax Edit Comments, by default.

…is search engine and user friendly. None of the AJAX or JavaScript used in the base modules will interfere with SEO or Accessibility. Every link, including those for multiple pages, are real links and resolve without JavaScript.

…is mature. AWP has been actively developed and supported for two full years. You will benefit from this stability as you explore the many ways AWP features interact.

…is translated into many languages. AWP currently speaks English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, German and French (props to Momo-i, Gianni, Eliseo Cordero, Dianoia and eXa respectively.) Translations are created and maintained by volunteers.

Are you convinced? Either download Ajaxed WordPress below or go read the full feature list and then download it.

How do I get AWP?

AWP is totally free so just click the giant download button on the right to download AWP. (If you like to live dangerously, you can always download the latest development version. No guarantees it won’t go moo.)

Once you download AWP, you should read the readme. Remember, if you ever get stuck, there are many support options available.