About Modules

Modules are basically mini-plugins that provide all of AWP’s features.

The following modules are included by default in the download:

Module Description
AJAX navigation

Adds the ability to paginate the index and single post pages. It also allows you to load pages inline. This plugin is for advanced users who recognize its current limitations and accept them.

Custom Options

Adds the ability to set custom AWP options on individual posts and pages.

Embedded Posts

Adds the ability to embed posts inside other posts and then load them inline.


Integrates a reCAPTCHA into wordpress, and performs flawlessly with aWP inline comment form.

Inline Comment Form

This module controls all aspects of the inline comment form and is required by modules that hook into the AWP comment form.

Inline Comments

This module controls all aspects of inline comments and is required by modules that hook into AWP comments.

Inline Posts

This module controls all aspects of inline posts and is required by modules that hook into AWP posts.

Live Preview

Adds a live preview after your comment form.

Output Cache

This module will cache the major functions in AWP to speed up the processing of each page. This is especially useful if you have inline comments with threading or inline posts split by word count. (Inspired by and based upon POC Cache) Temporarily removed.

Protect tags

Protects code, blockquote and pre blocks from being included in the word and paragraph counts, so they aren’t trimmed.

Paginated Pages

Permits Persons to Purposefully Paginate Pages. — This plugin requires that Inline Posts be activated and enabled. (However, you may deselect the “use simple posts option” to avoid having posts loaded inline.)

Quick Tags and Smilies

Adds Quicktags and/or clickable smilies support to the comment form.

Preview Comment

Adds a preview button that submits the comment to the server so the privew is exactly like it would appear. It even allows your other plugins to format it.

Remove Mores

If you used more tags before you installed AWP then this module will strip them out.

Lightbox Support

Helps Lightbox, Slimbox, and Lightview to find new links in posts and comments loaded by aWP.

Javascript and CSS Core Cache

File-based cache for the core CSS and JS files so they are not recreated every time a user visits the website.

Threaded Comments

Adds threaded comments support to AWP and your theme. It does not require inline comments, but will function better if inline comments are used.