AJAXed WP 3.0 coming soon!

Development on AjAXed WordPress nearly slowed to a halt last year. It wasn’t entirely because I didn’t have enough time to update the plugin but because I didn’t have time to provide the amount of support needed for a plugin this large. This is changing for various reasons, so AJAXed WordPress is coming back!

What’s coming in 3.0 you might ask?

A completely redesigned administration panel.

Rather than allowing multiple ajax libraries, I’m cutting it down to just jQuery to take advantage of it in the code. This will make some things I’ve wanted to add much much easier.

A new navigation module that works without theme edits.

Support for the WordPress wp_list_comments function so you don’t have to always customize the templates distributed with the plugin.

Excited to see this get released!


A Test.

Woo! I’m just starting development on some band and musician websites. Would be really great to be able to use your wonderful plugin so I can do uninterrupted music players!Looking forward to it’s release!


Great news!

If you need testers please just say the word.

I would volunteer for this as well if you need assistance!


Any news when to expect this new release?

Will be great, I’ve now installed the previous version on WP 3.0 but isn’t working unfortunately.

Is it possible to have a automatic sort on the comments so that the newest post can be sort at the top?

Thanks in advance.

Do you know if they working on all themes?

hey, any news about the new version?? can’t wait :) :lol:

nothing do u

I was really sad to see the delay in new version.

Now I am very happy to read this post :)

Excited to see ajax/web development work is progressing, this is a much needed WordPress plugin.



Any idea when 3.0 is going to be coming?
*eagerly waiting*

I will need to get this sort of functionality working on WordPress 3 in the coming month or so. I was considering building my own version of this, but if you have any work done on a WordPress 3 version, I can start from your code base. This could potentially speed up your development as well as mine.

Let me know if I can help, otherwise I will build my own version.




Hey Aron,

Would you please tell us status of 3.0. You have some fans still wathing this space. Why not drop a little note?



I’m a web designer and almost every blogsite I’ve worked on since WordPress 3.0.2 came out is not working with the Ajaxed WordPress, specifically the comment form. I’m getting an “Error Received:” without any actual error message. The comment goes through but the person leaving the message doesn’t know that because of the message.

Any way you can update us on the progress of the new version? I’d hate to tell all my clients that they’ll need to switch to a different plugin. It’s never broken this badly before.

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  • I need to correct my original message above by saying that it’s happening with WordPress 3.1, not 3.2.

    Just checking to see if your comment form is going through.


    Can you at least tell me how to disable the “Error Received” message since the comments are actually going through????

    Yep getting the same “Error Received” message but the comments are actually going through. Using WP 3.1 Awesome plugin and I don’t think there’s an alternate to it.

    test comment

    I’m having the exact same problem. Very frustrating.

    This plugin is dead. 3.0 was coming soon 9 months ago. So sad.

    Work around:
    go to bottom of file.
    delete the last line before ?> it should say “exit;”

    I get the error too or the spinning wheel and nothing happens. I’d gladly PAY for an updated version of this plugin!!! So frustrating when you build 90% of your sites on wordpress and this is the only plugin I’ve used for years. Boo…

    Glitch – I tried what you said but it didn’t change anything for me. Do you DELETE the line with exit on it? Tried that…thanks for any help!

    1 year anniversary of this post comin up in 4 days. What an opportunity for a fresh start! Do love this plugin!!

    Another test


    no update ever?

    Dead ? Just can’t find any Life download link :( Can’t find reference too …

    kindly update comment

    Is this already discontinued?


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